Morning workshop

Workshop 1 : - Nursery, Infants and Primary

In Italian and French.
Rye Italie-RYE France : Lorenza en Jacques Benoît.

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Workshop 2 : Secondary « Look at the teenager with understanding and sympathy »

In Spanish and English.
RYE Uruguai : Nuria Sanguinetti, Rita en Fernanda.

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Workshop 3 : Inter-levels : « Hope and help for your health : Yoga in projects work »

In English and Spanish.
RYE Spain : Encarnacion Romero Buiza en Maruja Rabat.

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Workshop 4 : Perfection : « Variations around the hero... and other yoga exercises in education »

In French.
RYE France : Véronique Mainguy

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Afternoon workshop

Workshop 1 : Sacred Dances in the world

In French, English and Spanish.
With Geneviève Khemtemourian, Sacred Dance teacher, sculptor and RYE trainer.

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Workshop 2 : Percussion and voice in circle

In Spanish, English en French.
With Pau Gimeno.

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Workshop 3 : ... from Clown to Life and Yoga

In Spanish and English.
RYE Chili : Maria José Fuentes.

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Workshop 4 : Ma Wang Dui : Qi Gong of the seasons.

In Spanish.
With Josep Busquets,

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